Why Do We Perform Prathyangira Homa ?

Why Do We Perform Prathyangira Homa ?

Benefits Of Performing Prathyangira Homa

Goddess Devi has taken various incarnations to protect this universe from time to time. One such incarnation is “Prathyangira Devi”. In fact, there are a lot of explanations given in Vedas about Goddess Prathyangira.


The Prathyangira Homa should only be performed with the guidance of ‘Devi Upasakas’ (Worshippers of Devi). The purposes of doing the Prathyangira Homa are listed below :

  • To attain peace of mind and mental stability,
  • To thwart of any negative energies of the particular place where the Homa is being done,
  • To dispel misfortunes of the particular place where the Homa is being done,
  • To prevent illnesses,
  • To thwart of the effects of evil eye (drishti / buri nazar),
  • To nullify curses, witch-crafts, and black magic spells,
  • To chase any evil spirits, ghosts, et cetera residing in the place where the Homa is being done,
  • To drive away all the evil forces which are working against us,
  • To prevent mishaps and illnesses,
  • For good health, wealth, peace, and prosperity.
Goddess Prathyangara

Goddess Prathyangira protects us from all kinds of negative things like negative energies, spirits, bad luck, ill health, evil-eye, et cetera.

*Prathyangira is also sometimes spelled as Prathyangara, Pratyangara, and Pratyangira.

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