Saturn Transit For Rishaba Rashi

Saturn Transit For Rishaba Rashi

Saturn’s Transit Predictions For Rishaba Rashi

(Nakshatra: Krittika – 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Pada, Rohini, and Mrigasira)

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Predictions For Transit Of Saturn (Shani Peyarchi) – General :

Transit of Saturn for Rishaba Rashi for the period of 2nd November, 2014 – 27th November, 2017 is quite bad. However, you will have the blessings of other beneficiary planets. In general, Saturn in the 7th house from your birth rashi will cause trouble and health problems to spouse, struggles and obstacles in careers, dangers during journeys, and fatigue. You will have to struggle and work very hard to overcome unforeseen hurdles and issues. However, the saving grace comes in the form of Jupiter’s aspect on Saturn in the initial phase of its transit and neutralizes much of the evil effects of Saturn.


Lord Saturn

Lord Saturn


Predictions For Transit Of Saturn (Shani Peyarchi) – Personal :

Natives of Rishaba rashi whom are married will have to undergo unwanted arguments with their spouse and in-laws as marital harmony would get disturbed. Health of spouse would need attention. Lovers would have a setback in their relationship due to unfavourable responses from their loved ones. There will be a rise in unwanted and unexpected expenditures which will be caused by rising cost of living, medical bills, children’s education, holiday tours, et cetera. Try to save money for rainy days and avoid unnecessary spending. (Remember, the next Transit of Saturn for Rishaba Rashi in November 2017 will be Ashtama Shani – a very bad period).


Court cases and litigation matters would be delayed. If you are looking to buy properties, there will be some legal implications. Therefore, it is advisable to check thoroughly before investing in any types of properties. Sustained effort is needed for ventures to succeed. You will undertake pilgrimages and trips to another state or country.


Health wise, Saturn in the 7th house tends to cause ailments in the heart, right shoulder, and head. Keep your cholesterol levels in check. Do not over exert yourself while doing exercises. Elderly people should keep their blood pressure level within the normal range. There will be a tendency to hurt your right shoulder. The seriousness of these diseases depends on your karma, dasa, and bhukthi. You would also suffer from headaches, migraine, depressions, and mental blockages. Although, you will put up a brave face with a big smile, you will have unnecessary fear inside you.



Predictions For Transit Of Saturn (Shani Peyarchi) – Career & Business :

Promotions may get postponed. Transfers to undesirable posts and places are likely. You will be affected by pinpricks from your fellow colleagues. There will be lack of appreciation and consideration from your superiors.


Those involved in businesses will find the going though. Partnership ventures will not be successful. Even if there are successes in the beginning, there will be a rift at a later date. Avoid new business partners at all cost. Avoid new ventures. There will be delays in completing tasks. There will be lack of co-operation from your employees and sub-ordinates that will affect the businesses.


Disturbances in marital life will cause some stress on the job-front. Do not share your personal and family problems with your fellow colleagues as they will try to take advantage of your problems and situations. Do not borrow or lend money. Do not become a guarantor. Avoid using or signing up for credit card (s). Avoid taking loans or buying things under easy monthly instalments (EMI) for unnecessary stuff.


Do not fret as transit of Jupiter in July 2015 will relieve most of your financial issues. There will be gradual improvements in your financial status when Jupiter transits Simma rashi from 5th July, 2015 – 1st August, 2016.



Predictions For Transit Of Saturn (Shani Peyarchi) – Students :

Just like for Mesha rashi natives, transit of Saturn for Rishaba rashi natives will cause attention deficit to students. You will lack the will power, interest, and motivation to study. More persistent and consistent efforts are needed to get good grades as you are likely to face lots of distractions in your studies. These distractions could be either something positive like extra-curricular activities, sports activities, competitions, et cetera or it could be due to ties with the opposite sex, bad friendships, unnecessary wanderings that would lead to wastage of time. You will have to lessen the time spent in front of the television, computer games, and on the Internet like social medias and mobile apps.


Some of the Rishaba rashi natives would have to take leave due to trips, competitions, and social occasions which will result in classes getting missed and homework and assignments piling up. You will have to learn the art of time management in order to be successful and most of you will have to burn the midnight oil to succeed in educations. Chances of getting scholarships and study grants are there when Jupiter shines on your rashi but, you will have to work very hard and smart to gain them.



Predictions For Transit Of Saturn (Shani Peyarchi) – Women :

Single ladies should avoid new friendships and avoid going out on a date alone. Love affairs and/or new friendships via online chats, social medias, and mobile apps will not be fruitful. Be extra cautious with new found friends requesting for financial favours. Love interests, marriage proposals, and wedding bells might ring during the period of 5th July, 2015 – 1st August, 2016. Apart from these period mentioned in the previous sentence, there will not be much luck in finding a suitable life partner.


Career women would face difficulties due to health problems. Those whom are on the verge of their menopausal periods will have to take extra care of their health. Bone health needs attention. Those with history of respiratory diseases must take proper medication even when there are slightest symptoms of flu, breathing difficulties, cough, phlegm, and fever.



Lord Shani’s Vakra Phala & Periods :

  • From 14th March 2015 till 11th July 2015 is the first chapter.
  • From 27th March 2016 till 23rd July 2016 is the second chapter.
  • From 3rd April 2017 till 5th August 2017 is the third chapter.

In the above mentioned periods, Saturn will be in retrograde (Vakra) and Jupiter (Guru) will be in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th place for Aries according to the chapters mentioned above. During these periods, Lord Saturn will bestow a good life depending on your previous merits (punya/good karma). Jealousy, rivalries, and unwanted competitions will vanish. You will succeed in your tasks. There will be some positive improvement in your health. Lethargy and depression will disappear. You can see gradual increase in your income. For some of you, there will be unexpected luck and chances to shine in your respective careers.



Lord Shani’s Ashtama Phala & Periods :

  • From 2nd November 2015 till 2nd December 2015 is the first chapter.
  • From 14th November 2016 till 14th December 2016 is the second chapter.
  • From 27th November 2017 till 30th December 2017 is the third chapter.

During these periods, you will have to be extremely cautious. There will be a lot of confusion in your life. Lord Saturn will be in your 7th house which will cause marital problems. Practice give and take policy. Avoid petty arguments with your spouse. Apart from that, during these periods, Lord Saturn will look at your 3rd and 4th house which will cause misunderstandings and rifts between your siblings, neighbours, and friends. Sometimes, these misunderstandings could be because they asked you for a small financial help and with your tight pocket, you are not able to help them. Avoid getting involved in other people’s life.


Basically, during these periods Lord Saturn will cause mishaps to almost all 9 out of 12 rashis. Therefore, it is best to take precautions. Avoid travelling alone. Avoid travelling with lots of cash and jewelleries. Avoid travelling at night. Avoid long journeys. Avoid talking bad about others and gossips. Avoid borrowing and lending money. Avoid new friendships. Make sure you have switched off electrical equipment and gas before going out. Lock your house properly. If you own a vehicle, send it for maintenance and make sure that your vehicle is in good condition. Avoid speeding on the roads. Avoid bad temper and bad manners everywhere and that includes on the roads too.


During these period, you might have to undergo a lot of sorrow and pain. There will be growing tension in the house and at workplace. There will be health issues. There will be arguments between near and dear ones. Savings will decrease. There will be unwanted and unnecessary expenses. If you own a pet, take care of its health and avoid unleashing them on their own without supervision.



Remedies For Saturn Transit For Rishaba Rashi (Shani Peyarchi For Rishaba Rashi) and Dos & Don’ts :

  • Pray to Lord Shani. Lit sesame oil lamp in the Navagraha Sannidhi for Lord Shani on Saturdays.
  • Recite Vedic hymns in praise of Lord Shani like Dasaratha Shani Stotra and Shaniswara Namavalis.
  • Recite Hanuman Chalisa or Shiva Chalisa on Saturdays and Mondays. Listening to them will also be rewarding.
  • Recite Bhairava Mantras.
  • Feed stray dogs in your neighbourhood. Do not chase stray dogs or throw stones, sticks, or shoes at them as this will earn bad karma. Dogs are said to be the favourite animal (and vehicle/vahana) of Lord Bhairava who can subdue any evil effects of Navagrahas especially, Lord Saturn.
  • Praying to Goddess Durga by reciting or listening to Mahishasura Mardini Stotra will relieve you from a lot of unwanted problems and troubles from enemies.
  • Feed rice mixed with black sesames or breads to crows (and birds).
  • Do breathing exercises and/or yoga.
  • Wear a blue topaz or aquamarine bracelet to appease Lord Shani. Students can benefit by wearing amethyst bracelet. Professionals can wear citrine or yellow topaz bracelet to avert financial troubles. (When you buy these crystal bracelets, make sure that their genuine crystals and not chemically produced versions).
  • Praying to Lord Kubera, Lord Vishnu, and Goddess Mahalakshmi will reduce your financial problems. Listen to Vishnu Sahasranama daily or at least on Saturdays and Ekadasi thithi days.
  • Students can recite Saraswathi mantras for academic success. Those seeking educational funds like study grants and scholarships can chant the Neela Devi Saraswathi Mantra.
  • Singles can benefit by chanting the Swayamwara Parvathi Mantra.
  • Do not trust anybody blindly. Do not borrow or lend money. Do not become a guarantor.
  • Increase the intake of calcium and manganese rich foods.
  • Avoid eating non-vegetarian food on Saturdays.
  • Do not keep fish or sea creatures in aquariums in your house or business premises. If you are already having them as your pets, take good care of it and feed them on time. Make sure that the water is clean and the aquarium is in hygienic condition. Do not stuff too many sea creatures into a small aquarium. Make sure that there are adequate space for them to swim about freely. Doing things wrongly will earn doshas and demerits.
  • Limit the intake of high cholesterol foods. Reduce salt and salt-by-products in your diet.
  • Water a tree daily (preferably a neem tree) while chanting Mahishasura Mardini Gayatri Mantra.
  • Repair faulty electrical equipment.
  • Pray to Lord Shukra on Fridays and Lord Chandra on Mondays by reciting Shukra Gayatri Mantra and Chandra Gayatri Mantra.

Keep checking back for a very detailed predictions for Transit of Saturn (Shani Peyarchi) based on all 27 Nakshatras.

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