Annapoorna Gayatri Mantra

Annapoorna Gayatri Mantra

Annapoorna Gayatri Mantra

Benefit (s) : Annapoorna Gayatri Mantra is dedicated to the Goddess of food and nourishment – Annapoorna / Annapurna / Annapoorni. Goddess Parvathi was told by Lord Shiva that the world is an illusion and that food is also an illusion. Upon hearing this, Goddess Parvathi who is worshiped as the manifestation of all material things, including food, became extremely annoyed and angry.

Goddess Annapoorna - Lord Shiva Receiving Food

Lord Shiva Receiving Food From Goddess Annapoorna

To demonstrate the importance of her manifestation of all that is material, she vanished. Her disappearance brought time to a standstill and the Earth became barren. There was no food to be found anywhere, and all the living beings including Lord Shiva suffered from the pangs of hunger.


Goddess Parvathi sympathised with the sufferings of all the living beings, reappeared in Kasi and set up a kitchen. Hearing about her reappearance, Lord Shiva ran to her and presented his food bowl in alms, saying, “Now I realised that the material world, like the spirit, cannot be dismissed as an illusion.” Upon hearing these words from Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvathi smiled and fed Lord Shiva with her very own hands. Ever since then, Goddess Parvathi is worshiped as Annapoorna, the Goddess of food and nourishment.


Chanting this particular Gayatri mantra gives good food and happy environment to the chanter. This sacred verse should be recited before having food or while cooking as a gesture of gratitude to the Goddess Annapoorna (also known as Annapoorni Devi). Those whom are suffering from malnutrition and malnourishment can chant this mantra for improvements. It is also believed that, wherever Goddess Annapoorna is prayed, there will never be any sufferings for food and grains. Parents of children whom are not eating properly can recite this mantra on behalf of their children too.


People who are running food outlets like cafes, food stalls, and restaurants as well as those whom are involved in the food industries and running food producing factories are highly recommended to recite this mantra for success in their food related business.


Those involved in farming and grain producing industries can also benefit by chanting this Annapoorna Gayatri Mantra.

Goddess Annapoorna

Goddess Annapoorna

Best Days To Chant (If you are unable to chant daily) : Mondays


Best Day For Initiating This Mantra : Monday or Full Moon Day (Purnima / Pournami thithi) or any one of the Navarathri days


Best Time To Chant : During sunrise


Number of Times To Chant : 3, 9, 11, or 108 times


Who Can Chant This Mantra : Anyone regardless of their gender and age


How To Worship : You can either use the photo or yantra of Goddess Annapoorna


To Attain Mantra Siddhi : 108 times for 45 days (1 mandala)


Naivedya (Food Offerings) : Vegetarian food (rice with dishes) or Sweet Pongal or Puliyodhara or Traditional Sweets


Flowers : Any fragrant flowers can be offered


Chant This Mantra Facing : East


Japa Mala : One can use Rudraksha japa mala or rosary beads made out of clear quartz crystal or vermillion beads made out of kumkum tree


The Annapoorna Gayatri Mantra is as shown below :

Om Bhagavathyai Vidmahe

Maheshwaryai Dhimahee

Thanno Annapoorna Prachodayath

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