What Are The Health Benefits Of Grapes ?

What Are The Health Benefits Of Grapes ?

The Health Benefits Of Grapes

There are many health benefits of grapes. Grapes are rich in polyphenols – which protect our hearts, improve blood circulation, help lower cholesterol, and have anti-fungal properties.


All grape varieties contain beneficial compounds, mainly polyphenols, and most of these are found in the skin.  Black, purple, and red varieties also contain much higher level of the flavonoids : quercetin and anthocyanins – the dark pigments, and both may help prevent cancer as well as heart and cardiovascular disease.


Health Benefits Of Grapes

Health Benefits Of Grapes


The antioxidant benefits of paler colored grapes are mainly from their catechin content. Resveratrol, another antioxidant present in all grapes, has been linked to the prevention or inhibition of cancer, heart diseases, degenerative nerve diseases, viral and fungal infections, and may also be linked to protection against Alzheimer’s disease. Below are more health benefits of grapes :

  • Rich source of polyphenols, for cancer prevention and a healthy cardiovascular system.
  • Quercetin can improve blood cholesterol profile and has an anti-clotting action.
  • Anti-viral and anti-fungal action
  • Good source of vitamin C
  • The grapes, known as “The Queen of Fruits”, is one of the most valuable gifts of nature. Charaka, the great physician of India, called it the noblest of all fruits. It has immense therapeutic value, whether eaten as a whole, with skin, pulp and seeds, or used in the form of juice extracted from grapes. The fruit possesses anti-coagulant properties and that helps prevent formation of blood clots. Its skin in particular contains resveratrol, which has been shown to inhibit blood platelet clumping and consequent blood clot formation.
  • Grapes are also a valuable anti-inflammatory food. They help reduce inflammation due to their richness in alkaline elements, which tend to dissolve the uric acid. Their use is therefore highly beneficial in the treatment of arthritis, gout, and rheumatism.
  • Grapes are rich storehouse of antioxidant and anti-cancer compounds. Red grapes are high in antioxidant quercetin, which is lacking in white and green varieties.



Some General Tips On Grapes :

  • Wash grapes before using them as they may have been sprayed with pesticides.
  • Always store grapes in the refrigerator or a cool room to preserve the vitamin C content and to prevent deterioration.
  • If you are going to use the grapes in a dessert, cut at the very last minute to prevent the cut side from browning or discoloration.


Did You Know These Things About Grapes ?

Over 70 percent of wold grape production is used for wine, 27 percent is for fresh fruit and 2 percent for dried fruit.

About 125 years ago, Dr. Lambe, a pioneer reformer and dietitian, treated cancer with grapes in England. In recent times, Johanna Brandt discovered for herself that cancer could be treated successfully with exclusive grape diet. This discovery was made by her, while experimenting on herself by fasting and dieting alternatively, in the course of her 9 year battle against cancer. She claimed to have cured herself by this mode of treatment.


The effectiveness of exclusive grape diet in treating cancer is attributable to the presence of generous quantities of salts of potash in grapes. It has been noted that there is a marked deficiency of potash in the average cancer patient.


In the treatment of cancer by exclusive diet of grapes, the patient should drink plenty of cooled water for first three days. Then, he should undertake lukewarm water enema daily with the strained juice of lemon during this period. After the short fast, the patient should have grape meal every two hours from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. This should be followed for a week or two or even a month or two, in chronic cases of long standing.


The patient should begin the grape cure with a small quantity. He should then increase the quantity of grapes gradually, so, as to take 200 grams at a meal in course of time. (Disclaimer : Consult your physician (s) before undertaking this grape diet. We shall not be held responsible for any mishaps).



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