Saturn Transit For Mithuna Rashi

Saturn Transit For Mithuna Rashi

Saturn’s Transit Predictions For Mithuna Rashi

(Nakshatra: Mrigasira – 3rd & 4th Pada, Arudra, and Punarvasu – 1st, 2nd, & 3rd)


Predictions For Transit Of Saturn (Shani Peyarchi) – General

Saturn transit for Mithuna Rashi for the period of 2nd November, 2014 – 27th November, 2017 is very good. You are about to enter the golden period in your life. You ought to become the “Man with the Midas touch”. You must make hay while the sun shines brightly. All your cherished dreams would meet with success. Remain true to you word and promises. Avoid looking down on others (especially, the lesser fortunate individuals and families).


Predictions For Transit Of Saturn (Shani Peyarchi) – Personal

Natives of Mithuna rashi will have the courage and strength to go ahead with all your plans successfully. You will taste success in all spheres of activity. Windfalls are likely. Some of you will enjoy good health and some of you will get relief from your medical ailments. You will be in good mood for most of the time when Jupiter transits the second house, which is until 5th July, 2015. After that, Jupiter will move from your 2nd house (Laabha sthana) to the 3rd house and will move to the 4th house on 2nd August, 2016.


Lord Saturn

Lord Saturn

Good news would come to you from every direction however, some of you will have to face new legal issues which will cause some problems and worries. Praying to Lord Bhairava and appeasing his favourite animal – dogs, will provide relief. Friends will be a great source of help. Problem givers and enemies will gradually vanish or become friends.


Relatives will invite you for their special occasions and celebrations. Previous rifts and tensions will slowly vanish. Your siblings whom are suffering from financial distress might request some favours from you. Some of you might have misunderstandings between your siblings if you refuse to help them. Those whom have been living happily in a joint family might have to part ways. There will be some minor tensions between cousins. Try to control your anger and do not look down upon others. Prevent boasting and showing-offs.


Parents health will need attention as Lord Saturn residing in the 6th place will be seeing Lord Angara/Sevvai (Mars). If Sun is weak in your birth-chart and/or when he co-exist with Lord Saturn in the same house, there will be some health problems and dangers to your life. Avoid driving at night and speeding on the road.


You ought to spend a lot during this time. Rather than spending on unnecessary things like upgrading to the latest ultra-high-definition and curved television sets, latest mobile and smart phones, et cetera, it is highly advisable to in invest in landed properties (in the second half of the Transit of Saturn, you must be very careful when signing agreements and documents). Try to save money for rainy days and avoid unnecessary spending. (Remember, the next Transit of Saturn for Mithuna Rashi in November 2017 will be a bad period).


Health wise, Saturn in the 6th house tends to cause minor ailments in the head, eyes, and anus. The seriousness of these diseases depends on your karma, dasa, and bhukthi. You might suffer from headaches and migraine. If you have any eye infections or pain the eye, consult an eye-specialist as soon as possible and take proper treatment for it. For some of the Mithuna rashi natives, you will suffer from indigestions and wind/pitha problems (flatulence, heartburn, et cetera).


Predictions For Transit Of Saturn (Shani Peyarchi) – Career & Business

Your long awaited promotions will be awarded. Some of you will get increments and bonuses. Your colleagues and superiors will praise and will be friendly. There will be a new posting abroad if your birth-chart has the yogas for you to go abroad. You tend to develop business skills which will yield excellent results in the near future. For those of you seeking better career opportunities, this is a good time to apply for a new job. Those of you who have been unemployed, will get a good job.


This is also a suitable period to start a new business or open a new shop. There will be opportunities to settle old debts. You can easily secure financial help to expand your business. New business opportunities will arise. Good friends will join your business ventures.


Predictions For Transit Of Saturn (Shani Peyarchi) – Students

Students of Mithuna rashi will have good concentrations during this period of 3 years. You will do well in your studies if you put in the efforts as you will give improved performances. However, Lord Saturn in the 6th house alone will not help you to get good grades ; you will also have to do revisions and practice questions. This is a favourable period for studying abroad. Scholarships, study grants, and educational loans can be easily acquired. Some lucky students will get apprenticeships and job offers.


Your friends and social circle will grow during this period. Chances of winning in contests and competitions are high. You tend to bring name and fame to your parents in addition to your educational institution. Some of you will acquire new friendships. However, do not overspend time on social medias and mobile apps just because your time is good.


Predictions For Transit Of Saturn (Shani Peyarchi) – Women

Single ladies will find a suitable partner during this period. Married ladies will enjoy domestic happiness. Love affairs and/or new friendships via online chats, social medias, and mobile apps will be fruitful but, please be extra cautious with new found friends requesting for financial favours. Love interests, marriage proposals, and wedding bells might ring during this period. If your dasa and bhukthi are perfect, there will be a new addition in the family as childless couples will be blessed with a new born. Those looking to adopt a child, this will be a good period to do so.


Working women would get promotions and salary increments. Backstabbers will vanish. Colleagues and superiors will reward you for your hard work. Praises will be there. Some of you will get transfers to desirable places. Some of you will get a new job.


Ladies will have to be extra careful when travelling at night and when travelling alone. Extreme cautious needed from 5th July, 2015 onwards. Safeguard your jewelleries and valuables.


Lord Shani’s Vakra Phala & Periods

  • From 14th March 2015 till 11th July 2015 is the first chapter.
  • From 27th March 2016 till 23rd July 2016 is the second chapter.
  • From 3rd April 2017 till 5th August 2017 is the third chapter.

In the above mentioned periods, Saturn will be in retrograde (Vakra). During these periods, Lord Saturn will bestow a good life depending on your previous merits (punya/good karma). This period is appropriate to conduct engagements and marriages for Mithuna rashi natives.


Businesses will flourish. There will be increase in income. Avoid spending unnecessarily and save money for rainy days. Some of you will purchase a new property. Some of you will upgrade or renovate your residences. Chances to buy a new vehicle is there.


Lord Shani’s Ashtama Phala & Periods

  • From 2nd November 2015 till 2nd December 2015 is the first chapter.
  • From 14th November 2016 till 14th December 2016 is the second chapter.
  • From 27th November 2017 till 30th December 2017 is the third chapter.

During these periods, you will have to be extremely cautious. There will be a lot of confusion in your life. Lord Saturn will be in your 6th house which will jealousy, unhealthy competitions, and enmities. . If you own a pet, take care of its health and avoid unleashing them on their own without supervision.


Tendency to earn bad reputation is there during this periods. Avoid bad friendships at all cost. Some of you have to attend to newly arising legal complications. Some of you have to settle your debts in an urgent manner although, it is not your stipulated time. Avoid bad investments during these periods.


Basically, during these periods Lord Saturn will cause mishaps to almost all rashis. Besides, Saturn is in Scorpio, not a friendly house. Therefore, it is best to take precautions. Avoid travelling alone. Avoid travelling with lots of cash and jewelleries. Avoid travelling at night. Avoid long journeys. Avoid talking bad about others and gossips. Avoid borrowing and lending money. Avoid new friendships. Avoid visiting/touring places that are prone to natural disasters and calamities.


Make sure you have switched off electrical equipment and gas before going out. Lock your house properly. If you own a vehicle, send it for maintenance and make sure that your vehicle is in good condition. Avoid speeding on the roads. Avoid bad temper and bad manners everywhere and that includes on the roads too.


During these period, you might have to undergo a lot of sorrow and pain. There will be growing tension in the house and at workplace. There will be health issues. There will be arguments between near and dear ones. Savings will decrease. There will be unwanted and unnecessary expenses. Medical bills will increase.


Remedies For Saturn Transit For Mithuna Rashi (Shani Peyarchi For Mithuna Rashi) and Dos & Don’ts

  • Pray to Lord Shani. Lit sesame oil lamp in the Navagraha Sannidhi for Lord Shani on Saturdays.
  • Listening to Hanuman Chalisa or Shiva Chalisa on Saturdays and Mondays will be rewarding.
  • Recite Swarna Akarshana Bhairava Mantra.
  • Feed stray dogs in your neighbourhood. Do not chase stray dogs or throw stones, sticks, or shoes at them as this will earn bad karma. Dogs are said to be the favourite animal (and vehicle/vahana) of Lord Bhairava who can subdue any evil effects of Navagrahas especially, Lord Saturn.
  • Praying to Lord Kubera, Lord Vishnu, and Goddess Mahalakshmi will reduce your financial problems and will give success in business ventures. Listen to Vishnu Sahasranama daily or at least on Saturdays and Ekadasi thithi days.
  • Students can recite Saraswathi mantras for academic success. Those seeking educational funds like study grants and scholarships can chant the Neela Devi Saraswathi Mantra.
  • Singles can benefit by chanting the Swayamwara Parvathi Mantra.
  • Chanting Jupiter/Guru mantras will reap extra benefits.
  • Avoid wearing leather shoes and clothing as much as you can. Do not buy new leather products during this period.


Keep checking back for Prediction for Transit of Saturn (Shani Peyarchi) based on 27 Nakshatras.

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