Saturn Transit For Kadaka Rashi

Saturn Transit For Kadaka Rashi

Saturn’s Transit Predictions For Kadaka Rashi

(Nakshatra: Punarvasu/Poonarpoosam – 4th Pada, Pusya/Poosam, Aslesha/Ayilya)


Predictions For Transit Of Saturn (Shani Peyarchi) – General

Saturn transit for Kadaka Rashi for the period of 2nd November, 2014 – 27th November, 2017 is generally good. Lord Saturn will be in the 5th house during this period of 3 years. At this point of time, you ought to see some gradual changes as Lord Shani who has been giving you problems after problems and worries as Artha-Ashtama Shani (Lord Saturn in 4th house) has begun his journey to his new home to Scorpio (which will be the 5th house for Kadaka Rashi natives) and will settle in his new house on 16th December, 2014 only. Lord Saturn moving away from the 4th house is considered a very good news as he is paving the way for good fortunes. However, jealousies and unwanted competitions will be there. During these 3 years, Lord Jupiter will be in your 1st, 2nd (from 5th July, 2015 onwards), 3rd (from 2nd August, 2016 onwards) and 4th houses respectively. Jupiter in 2nd is considered extremely beneficial, however, Jupiter in 3rd and 4th will cause some confusions and lethargy.

Lord Saturn

Lord Saturn

Predictions For Transit Of Saturn (Shani Peyarchi) – Personal

Your general well-being and health will improve. You will recover from illnesses. Laziness and lethargy will be gone. However, the will be some mental worries and depressive moods every now and then. Apart from that, you might suffer from heat related diseases (sore throats, fever, boils, dehydration, et cetera) and acne/pimples. You might face various hindrances in your ventures but, prayers can offset these obstacles and problems and provide you with successes. Keep an eye on your parents’ health and take them for their regular medical check-ups. Mother’s previous health problems will be reduced.

The will be some quarrels with your loved ones and you must learn to control your temper. Those whom are on the marriage age will start their “spouse searching journey”. You will find a suitable person to get married to, but, there will be a delay in the marriage itself. Do not fret and take this delay in a positive stride as a time to get to know each other better and plan your future together. Maternal uncles and cousins will be helpful.

There will be auspicious ceremonies in your family. Wedding of your child will materialise. Birth of a baby is possible in the family. Your friends and relatives will be of great help. Legal problems will be settled in your favor or without much burden to you. Your enemies will gradually vanish and will not be providing problems as before. There are chances for Kadaka Rashi natives to buy or invest in properties (house, land, et cetera). Those whom are longing to sell off their properties will hear some good news. Your vehicles will need an upgrade and you ought to purchase a new vehicle (either a car or bike) during this period of transit of Saturn.

Safeguard your properties. Keep your valuables and jewelleries in a proper and secured place. Do not keep too much of money at home or in the lockers. Deposit them into your personal banking account. Avoid carrying unnecessary cash while travelling. Avoid wearing too much or exposing jewelleries. Chances of robberies and snatch-theft happening are there. Gentle reminder, if a snatch-theft is trying to snatch your bag while you are walking alone, do not resist and put up a fight as chances of getting seriously injured through robberies/thefts are there. Stay away from backstabbers, backbiters, and jealousy people (sometimes, these could be your own friends).

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Predictions For Transit Of Saturn (Shani Peyarchi) – Career & Business

You will need to shoulder extra responsibilities in the office. This could either be because of a promotion or because a fellow colleague has left the office ( resigned/retrenched/relocated). Do not show your dislike and unhappiness in the office but, keep a smiley face and do your designated tasks in a good manner. Chances of promotion or a new job placement are there for Kadaka Rashi natives during this period of Sani Peyarchi – as your long awaited promotions will be awarded. Some of you will get increments and bonuses. Your will be getting praises from your superiors and fellow colleagues will be friendly. However, some jealousy are indicated and you must be careful. Do not hand over your work and important documents to others. Keep your computers, e-mail accounts, online banking accounts, and social media passwords and login credentials safely. Do not share them and change it to a new password once a month for safety. Do not talk ill about your fellow colleagues and/or superiors to others as this will backbite you.

Those involved in businesses and industrialist will overcome all their problems and will see increase in income. Ventures that has been suffering a slow start will see gradual growth. Partnership businesses are good but, always makes sure that your business partners are compatible, reliable, and trustworthy. This is generally a very good period for those involved in electrical, electronics, communications & technology, real estate, property, building, fashion, skincare, and beauty industries. This is also a suitable period to start a new business or open a new shop. There will be opportunities to settle old debts. You can easily secure financial help to expand your business. New business opportunities will arise.

This is not a good period for those involved in speculations and you must invest diligently. Speculative transactions will yield low profits. Gambling, horse racing, et cetera will not be in your stride. Do not trust your down-lines and employees too much. If you need things done, it is highly advisable to do it yourself than to rely on others. Safeguard your personal belongings and document. Keep an eye on your accounting person (accountant, account assistant, accounts clerk, et cetera) and the person who handles your legal matters (lawyers, legal clerks, et cetera).

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Predictions For Transit Of Saturn (Shani Peyarchi) – Students

Students of Kadaka Rashi will have good concentrations during this period of 3 years and you tend to score well in examinations. You will do well in your studies if you put in the efforts as you will give improved performances. However, your favourable stars and planets alone will not help you to get good grades ; you will also have to do revisions and practice questions. Some of you will suffer from anxiety, nervousness, and even panic attacks that will leave you blank-mindedness during exams. Therefore, it is highly advised to do a lot of practice questions for your exams.

Generally, this is a favourable period for studying abroad. Scholarships, study grants, and educational loans can be easily acquired. Some lucky students will get apprenticeships and job offers. There ought to be love affairs and your friends and social circle will grow during this period. Some of you will acquire new friendships. However, do not overspend time on social medias and mobile apps just because your time is good.

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Predictions For Transit Of Saturn (Shani Peyarchi) – Women

Single ladies will find a suitable partner during this period. Love affairs and/or new friendships via online chats, social medias, and mobile apps will be fruitful but, please be extra cautious with new found friends requesting for financial favours. Love interests and marriage proposals will occur during this period of 3 years, however, there will be delay in the actual wedding itself due to unforeseen reasons. If your dasa and bhukthi are perfect, there will be a new addition in the family as childless couples will be blessed with a new born. Those looking to adopt a child, this will be a good period to do so too.

Working women would get promotions and salary increments. Backstabbers will vanish. Colleagues and superiors will reward you for your hard work. Praises will be there. Some of you will get transfers to desirable places. Some of you will get a new job. However, routine and domestic work will be delayed. Your children will claim that there is a lack of quality time spent with them. There will be some minor hiccups with your husband due to his financial issues. If your husband’s birth-chart (transit of Saturn, thisa, bhukthi, et cetera) is bad during this period, he might lose his job or degraded from his position and this will cause some worries and extra financial burden to you. However, you will be able to somehow overcome all these hiccups. Prayers will help.

Ladies will also have to be extra careful when travelling at night and when travelling alone. Extreme cautious needed. Safeguard your jewelleries and valuables.

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Lord Shani’s Vakra Phala & Periods :

  • From 14th March 2015 till 11th July 2015 is the first chapter.
  • From 27th March 2016 till 23rd July 2016 is the second chapter.
  • From 3rd April 2017 till 5th August 2017 is the third chapter.

In the above mentioned periods, Saturn will be in retrograde (Vakra). During these periods, there ought to be arguments and misunderstanding with your better half. You will have to give and take with your spouse as these minor misunderstandings could even cause separation and divorces. Also, during these periods, the naughtiness of your kids will be at the peak and this will cause tensions and you will be physically exhausted.

You will need to fork out money for auspicious ceremonies. Avoid spending lavishly. There will be Jupiter’s grace and you will not be having much financial troubles. However, there will be decrease in savings. Apart from that, these periods are generally good and you might face a little tough period during the third chapter. Just take care of your physical and mental health.

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Lord Shani’s Ashtama Phala & Periods :

  • From 2nd November 2015 till 2nd December 2015 is the first chapter.
  • From 14th November 2016 till 14th December 2016 is the second chapter.
  • From 27th November 2017 till 30th December 2017 is the third chapter.

Basically, during these periods Lord Saturn will cause mishaps to almost all rashis. Besides, Saturn is in Scorpio, not a friendly house and the evil-effects of Saturn will be maximized for Kadaka Rashi natives as Saturn is Loha Moorthi (enemy and will be producing bad effects) for your moon sign. Therefore, it is best to take precautions. Avoid travelling alone. Avoid travelling with lots of cash and jewelleries. Avoid travelling at night. Avoid long journeys. Avoid talking bad about others and gossips. Avoid borrowing and lending money. Avoid new friendships. Avoid visiting/touring places that are prone to natural disasters and calamities.

Make sure you have switched off electrical equipment and gas before going out. Lock your house properly. If you own a vehicle, send it for maintenance and make sure that your vehicle is in good condition. Avoid speeding on the roads. Avoid bad temper and bad manners everywhere and that includes on the roads too.

Your health will need extra attention. Medical bills will be on the rise. You will be feeling lethargic for no apparent reason and there will be mental worries. Avoid travelling and touring places that are prone to natural calamities.

Mother’s health will need extra attention and she might even face danger to her life. Maternal uncle (s) will crop up unnecessary problems. You might even hear some bad news from your maternal family. There will be unnecessary spending and money will be wasted. Sometimes, this could be due to some auspicious spending too.

Keep your vehicle’s maintenance record on track and avoid travelling unnecessarily, especially at night. Avoid speeding. There will be some new legal cases. Some of the Kadaka Rashi natives will be forced to go and work in a place that they dislike.

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Remedies For Transit Of Saturn (Shani Peyarchi) and Dos & Don’ts

  • Pray to Lord Shani. Lit sesame oil lamp in the Navagraha Sannidhi for Lord Shani on Saturdays.
  • Listening to Hanuman Chalisa or Shiva Chalisa on Saturdays and Mondays will be rewarding.
  • Recite Swarna Akarshana Bhairava Mantra.
  • Feed stray dogs in your neighbourhood. Do not chase stray dogs or throw stones, sticks, or shoes at them as this will earn bad karma. Dogs are said to be the favourite animal (and vehicle/vahana) of Lord Bhairava who can subdue any evil effects of Navagrahas especially, Lord Saturn.
  • Praying to Lord Kubera, Lord Vishnu, and Goddess Mahalakshmi will reduce your financial problems and will give success in business ventures. Listen to Vishnu Sahasranama daily or at least on Saturdays and Ekadasi thithi days.
  • Students can recite Saraswathi mantras for academic success. Those seeking educational funds like study grants and scholarships can chant the Neela Devi Saraswathi Mantra.
  • Singles can benefit by chanting the Swayamwara Parvathi Mantra.
  • Chanting Jupiter/Guru mantras will reap extra benefits.
  • Try to be a pure vegetarian or at least eggetarian (or in a worst case scenario, avoid eating non-vegetarian foods on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Ashtami thithi days).
  • As per our Vedas, Lord Saturn is in the Poorva Punya Sthana (5th house from your Moon sign) and it tends to activate the effects of bad deeds committed in the previous births. However, nowadays in Kali Yuga, the bad deeds committed in the previous years are what taken into account. Therefore, during this Transit of Saturn, Kadaka Rashi natives should do a lot of charity in accordance with their financial status.
  • Those having obstacles in their businesses and delays in their ventures should pray to Lord Surya (Sun) by reciting the Surya Gayatri and by going around the Navagraha Sannidhi on Sundays.
  • Donating wheat and wheat-by products to the needy will also be beneficial for those involved in businesses.

Keep checking back for Prediction for Transit of Saturn (Shani Peyarchi) based on 27 Nakshatras.

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