Saturn Transit 2017 For Simha Rashi

Saturn Transit 2017 For Simha Rashi

Saturn Transit 2017 For Simha Rashi

Shani Peyarchi 2017 For Simha Rashi

Shani Gochar Rashi Phalalu 2017 For Simha Rashi

Nakshatra : Magha, Purvaphalguni, Uttara Phalguni 1st Pada

Now, lets take a look at Saturn Transit 2017 For Simha Rashi (Shani Peyarchi 2017 For Simha Rashi / Shani Gochara Rashi Phalalu 2017). Saturn will start to move away from your fourth house which is Vrischika Rashi (Scorpio) to your fifth house which is Dhanus Rashi (Sagittarius) on 26th January, 2017 and will stay in your fifth house till 25th January, 2020. All in all, Simha Rashi (Leo) natives must have undergone a lot of troubles for the past transit period and for this time around, things would gradually change for the better.


Saturn Transit For 2017

Saturn Transit For 2017


Generally, Saturn transiting the 5th house from your Janma Rashi is considered detrimental as far as matters connected to health, relationship, children, and speculation are concerned. Further, there ought to be increase in expenses. However, as you have already suffered under Ashtama Shani for the previous period, this particular transit will be a relief for Simha Rashi natives. Though there may be problems, it will not be as bad as the ones that you have already gone through for the past transit period.


As Saturn is Tamramoorthi for Simha Rashi (Leo), you should not expect very grandeur results. However, mediocre results can be expected for this particular Saturn Transit 2017 – 2020. Also, as Saturn is in your Purva Punya Sthana in Gochara, it tends to activate the effects of bad deeds committed previously. Charities and prayers will be able to thwart off the major ill effects.


Simha Rasi – Leo


When Jupiter transits the fifth house of yours in September 2017 for a period of one year, the negative effects will be felt less and many good things will happen to you.


Saturn Transit 2017 For Simha Rashi (Shani Peyarchi 2017 For Simha Rashi) : General

During Saturn Transit 2017 For Simha Rashi, outflow of money will outweigh the inflow of money. You will struggle to save money. During this period, you will tend to spend a lot of money to make your loved ones happy. You will try your level best to pay off your pending debts. This time around, you will have the courage and confidence to overcome much of the evils that are attributable to Saturn’s transit over the fifth house of Simha Rashi.


During this period, your health will be a subject of concern. Simha Rashi natives ought to either put on more weight or will lose weight when Saturn Transits the fifth house. Some of you will suffer from hair loss and/or baldness due to tension, stress, and irregular eating habits, consumption of chemically processed foods as well as due to the application of hair styling chemicals.


You will have to be careful when it comes to the consumption of food. You will be struggling to eat healthy (as you will enjoy processed and chemically seasoned food items) and at a regular meal time. Some of you will be forced to skip your meals during the Saturn Transit 2017 For Simha Rashi which will cause health issues.


Saturn Transit 2017 For Simha Rashi

Saturn Transit 2017 For Simha Rashi


Apart from that, your spouse, children, pets, and/or parents may be hospitalized or may fall ill which will cause some sadness. Loss of a near and dear one is a possibility too. Partial success in legal cases can be expected.


While mental worries and depression are indicated, prayers can offset your anxiety and fears. You may face delays and various obstacles to your ventures. Though parents will be proud of you, occasional frictions with elderly parents due to generation gap could be there. Spouse could suspect you for petty matters and there could be arguments due to your spouse’s suspicious behavior. A number of your relatives could be friendly and try to rekindle their relationship with you with ulterior motives. Learn when to tell the truth and when not to. It is best to avoid 3rd part interference in your personal and domestic matters.


Saturn Transit 2017 For Simha Rashi indicates that you will not escape quarrels. Your friends will try to reach you but, you will be preoccupied trying to advance your financial standings and vice versa. However, friends will be helpful but, you are advised not to take things for granted.


Senior citizens in your family would need medical check ups. If matrimonial search efforts has been underway for your children, you would be able to find a suitable life partner for them. For a number of Simha Rashi natives, your children would bring home and introduce their lover to you. Though it might be a little shocker and you may be skeptical, you are advised to accept your grown-up children’s decision about their life and life partner. Learn to accept things with an open mind. Nevertheless, doing a thorough background check on the prospective bride/bridegroom before proceeding further will not hurt. Regardless, an engagement or a wedding of your child will bring cheer to the family. Addition to your family is indicated and birth of a child is a possibility.


For some of Simha Rashi natives, health problems might occasionally haunt you. Lethargy, tiredness, fatigue, sleep deprivation are indicated during Saturn Transit 2017. Major illnesses (if any) will gradually be cured. For those with unfavourable lagna, dasa, and bhukthi, accidents and injuries due to fall are indicated. For a few, eye ailments or eye infection is indicated. This is also a time where you will need to wear an eye-glass. If you suffer from regular headaches, it is best to get a medical check up as it could simply mean that you eye-sight is failing.


Saturn Transit 2017 For Simha Rashi (Shani Peyarchi 2017 For Simha Rashi) : Career and Business

Saturn Transit For 2017 – 2020 For Simha Rashi natives indicates that work pressure would build up. Your superiors and even fellow sub-ordinates might push all their work to you. Bullying in workplace ought to torment you mentally and physically. At the same time, you will not be in a fit mood to shoulder all the additional responsibilities.


Enmity, sarcastic remarks, slanders, office gossips, harassment, fault picking, blamed for others’ mistakes, and opposition towards you may give you stress during Saturn Transit 2017 For Simha Rashi natives. Transfers to a place or a change in shift time which you do not like or find it difficult is a possibility. Your superiors might think that you are not good enough.


During Saturn Transit For 2017 For Simha Rashi, you could get a promotion or long pending dues thanks to favourable court judgement.


The unemployed and fresh graduates may find the going a bit better compared to that of the previous Saturn Transit. You will be able to secure a job. It might be a job of your liking if you have favourable planetary positions. However, beware of fraudulent companies and organizations (especially, unknown and small foreign companies which might try to cheat you).


Simha Rashi natives whom are in shares and stock market, may experience heavy losses. Gambling may land you into deep trouble and may cripple the day-to-day life. Some of you may have to face slanders and defamation. Prayers to Lord Shani on Saturdays will be of great help.


Lord Shani

Lord Shani


Lack of recognition from higher authorities will dampen your spirits. In fact, those working in private organizations may change their jobs. However, you are advised to leave your job only once you have received a job offer somewhere else (ensure it is 100% guaranteed). Do not leave your current job without having any assurance from another organization.


The margin of profit for businesses owned by Simha Rashi natives will gradually increase. Businessmen and businesswomen will overcome all their problems. Saturn in the fifth house indicates that some of you may get an award from the government or a business association. Pending court cases would get settled in your favour. During Saturn Transit 2017, Simha Rashi business owners will gain through partnership business. However, beware of new business partners and partners from a foreign land or those who do not speak the same language as you, as being cheated by them is a possibility. Businesses in the technology sector will do well.


Politicians will have a better period compared to that of the previous transit. Close confidants and supporters will be helpful. When Saturn is in the fifth house, Simha Rashi politicians will only reap what you sow in the past. Individuals in the entertainment industry like actors, actresses, directors, producers, technicians, voice-over artists, et cetera may get more opportunities and exposures during Saturn Transit For 2017. However, beware of over-lucrative deals and deals from abroad.


Saturn Transit 2017 For Simha Rashi (Shani Peyarchi 2017 For Simha Rashi) : Teenagers and Students

Students of Simha Rashi will tend to do well in competitive examinations. You will need to get rid of anxieties and fears while studying in order to perform better. Girls of Simha Rashi would do better in studies compared to boys during Saturn Transit 2017 – 2020.


Some of you may suffer from lack of concentration and negative influences which may bring down your grades. Tertiary students taking up engineering and technology courses will perform better. Prayers to Goddess Neela Saraswathi before starting your studies will be of great help. You may recite the following mantras :


Saturn Transit 2017 For Simha Rashi (Shani Peyarchi 2017 For Simha Rashi) : Women

Saturn Transit 2017 For Simha Rashi will not be that good for women. This period is considered a testing time for you, both at home and office. One is lucky in terms of promotions and opportunities. However, routine work will get delayed. Sexual harassment is quite likely. Therefore, maintain a safe distance with the opposite gender. Be alert while travelling.


You will spend more and will have to face financial crunch. Husband’s job would become a source of concern. If you are a single lady, job of your brothers and/or father will be a source of concern for you. Due to financial problems of family members, you would be forced to shoulder extra burned.


Your health will need attention. Working women may sail through an uncertain and difficult period either towards the beginning or ending of the Saturn’s transit period. Distant transfer is a possibility. Beware of newly found friends. Don’t trust others blindly. If something is too good to be true, be alert!


Saturn Transit 2017 For Simha Rashi (Shani Peyarchi 2017 For Simha Rashi) : Vedic Remedies and Lal Kitab Remedies

Simh Rashi natives are advised to undertake evil-eye remedies as often as possible. Students can recite Neela Saraswati Mantra starting from a Thursday. Kubera Maha Mantra For Wealth can be chanted by Simha Rashi natives in order to improve their finances. Chanting and/or listening to Shri Amba Pancharatnam during Saturn Transit 2017 For Simha Rashi natives will be of immense help. You are also advised not to indulge in any kind of speculative activities. If possible, wear tiger eye crystal beads on your left wrist.


Chant the Powerful Hanuman Mantra To Remove Graha Dosha daily to avert the negative effects of Saturn Transit 2017 For Simha Rashi. Visit the Navagraha shrine on Saturdays and pray to Lord Saturn (Shani). Do a lot of charities. Feed stray dogs, birds, and crows as often as you can.


Feeding Of Crows Can Appease Lord Shani

Feeding Of Crows Can Appease Lord Shani


As per Lal Kitab remedies, you are advised to be a pure vegetarian and donate a handful of dry almonds to a temple on Saturdays. Avoid wearing green clothes.


Kubera Maha Mantra For Wealth can be chanted to improve your financial standings during the Saturn Transit.


Thus ends the Saturn Transit 2017 For Simha Rashi (Shani Peyarchi 2017 For Simha Rashi). You might be interested to read about :


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  1. Shiba Thom says:

    This is so accurate with what I went through since 2014. I graduated from the topmost university in the world, yet all my efforts for further studies were in vain. I experienced severe confusion and to make matters worst my mother went through a deadly illness. I am totally demoralized and have no concentrations to move forward. I am putting all my efforts to restart my life after 3 years during which I accomplished nothing. Please pray for me.

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