Importance Of Turmeric In Indian Cooking

Importance Of Turmeric In Indian Cooking

Why Is Turmeric Important In Indian Cooking ?

Ancient time onwards, the Indians gave much importance to turmeric in cooking. It was an essential ingredient in every recipe. But today, for lack of proper realization, the current generations ignores its true value.


Turmeric is not merely a natural colouring agent. Ayurveda reveals that if you prepare a paste of turmeric and consume it regularly, it leaves your body in high spirits. If turmeric is added to your food, it cures you of all kinds of skin diseases and urinary diseases as well as kills germs in the intestines. Sometimes, poison and filth enter our body through food. Turmeric acts as an agent to curb away such elements.


Turmeric is a proven cure for gas trouble and burning sensation in the stomach. Cosmetic industries too owes much to turmeric. If you apply turmeric paste on the skin, it softens and gives it a glow. It also prevents bacteria and germs build up in the skin that causes acne, pimples, rashes, et cetera.


Thus turmeric is found to be immensely useful both internally and externally.


Curcuma Longa

Turmeric is an important ingredient in Indian cooking. It is not only a coloring agent and a taste maker, but turmeric has many medicinal values.


The turmeric’s scientific name is curcuma longa and turmeric is also known as :

  • Haldi in Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Oriya
  • Holud in Bengali
  • Arishina in Kannada
  • Manjal in Malayam and Tamil
  • Halda in Sindhi
  • Halad in Marathi and Konkani
  • Pasupu in Telugu
  • Lidar in Kashmiri
  • Ollod / Ollodi in Konkani (certain areas)
  • Haldhor / Haldhar in Punjabi (certain areas)
  • Haladi in Urdu, Sanskrit
  • Haridra and Harita in Sanskrit

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